Nigerian Journal of Rural Sociology (NJRS), 24( 1): 38 - 45 , 2024

Effects of single parenting on the social behavior of teenagers in rural communities of Kogi State, Nigeria

Alifa, P.O, Adeleke, O. A


The love and warmth expected as a child grows is reduced due to single parenting which also affect the psychological and social behaviour of such child. It is on this premise that the study ascertained the association between single parenting and social behaviour of teenagers in rural communities of Kogi State, Nigeria. A four-stage sampling procedure was used to select 162 respondents comprising of teenagers and single parents. Structured questionnaires and interview schedule were used to collect data which were analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistical tools. Majority (74.7%) of the parents had been single for 10 years. Death of spouses (32.1%) and spousal separation (25.3%) were the major causes of single parenting. Major challenges faced by single parents included finance (x? = 1.64) and dual parental responsibility (x? = 1.17). The coping strategies included the use of children as domestic help (x? = 1.49) and petty trading (x? = 1.06). Teenagers had good peer relations (x?=3.61), were self-compliant (x? = 3.52), were defiant in nature (x?=3.11) and were not antisocial in nature (x?=3.42). Causes of single parenting showed a significant relationship (?2=14.4, p=0.01) with the social behaviour of teenagers. The study concluded that single parenting and social behaviour of teenagers are interrelated. The study therefore recommends that government and non-governmental organisations should render financial assistance to single parents to ease their burdens and help ensure a sustainable society.

Keywords: Behaviour, spousal separation, single parenting, teenagers