Nigerian Journal of Rural Sociology (NJRS), 19( 1): 34 - 41 , 2019

Effect of e-wallet programme on rice production among small-scale farmers in Niger state, Nigeria

Abubakar M. B., Olaleye R. S., Adeniji O. B., Adeoye A. S.


The study examined the effect of e-wallet programme on rice production in Niger State, Nigeria. Multistage sampling technique was used in the selection of rice farmers. A total of two hundred and seven (207) rice farmers form the sample size through purposive sampling. Results reveal that most (91.8%) of the respondents were male with mean age of 38 years, 93.2% were married and 87.4% had formal education. Results revealed that most (80.7%) of the respondent?s sources of information on e-wallet programme were from radio station. Results also reveal that respondents had a positive perception of the e-wallet programme. Major constraints faced were difficult or no access to extension agents (x?= 4.70) and element of corrupt tendencies at redemption centres (x?= 4.68).The study concluded that the rice farmers have great judgement towards e-wallet programme toward ensure maximum production of rice in order to eradicate poverty in the study area. It was recommended that extension services should be improved upon in order to disseminate e-wallet programme properly at local level or brought closer to the many farmers.

Keywords: Assessment, effect, perception, information, rice production