About Nigerian Rural Sociological Association


The Rural Sociological Association of Nigeria (RuSAN), formerly known as Nigerian Rural Sociological Association (NRSA) was formed on January 7th, 1981. It is a professional body of rural sociologists and other researchers and practitioners who work and have interests in the discipline of rural sociology. Its inaugural conference was held at the conference centre of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ile, with the theme ‘Agricultural and Social Development in Nigeria’. The association was established in 1983. It has since conducted 23 research meetings tagged annual national congresses hosted by various institutions throughout the nation, apart from a few workshops and seminars at zonal/state levels.

Membership of the association is voluntary and members have the opportunities of being exposed to the association’s activities that are designed to promote their professional and/or academic endeavours. To belong to the association, members need to fulfil the constitutionally required obligations, which include;

             Payment of membership registration fee

             Payment of annual dues; those in life membership category are exempted here

             Regular attendance of the association’s annual congress; anyone who missed three consecutive annual events would have to renew registration


Mission Statements

The rural sociology society is a professional social science association that promotes the generation, application and dissemination of sociological knowledge to enhance the quality of rural life, rural communities and the environment.

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